The Best Way to Organize Baby Socks (and Other Tiny Things!)

There are lots of tiny things around our house these days, as you can imagine. And they’re all the fault of two tiny 4-month-old baby girls! (Of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way!) But after a few weeks of doing their laundry and trying to fold all those teeny tiny little pieces that make up infant clothing, I was getting a little bit frustrated. And if I thought it was easy to lose socks in the laundry BEFORE kids, oh my goodness – BABY SOCKS ARE THE WORST!!!

After having to purchase more socks than I can remember due to the loss of so many, it dawned on me: I know how to fix this! Why didn’t I remember this sooner?!

The solution?


Safety pins.

Yep, that’s it. Safety pins. (Hey, this really could work for adult socks, too!)

When clean socks go into the sock drawer, pin them to their mates. Then, instead of having to fold tiny socks together, or search for the matching sock in a drawer full of them, all you  have to do is find one! The other one is immediately right there!

Unpin the socks to wear, of course, but when you go to throw the socks in the clothes hamper, pin them together again. This way, they go through the wash together, and one doesn’t get lost from the other! When everything is dry and ready to be put away again, simply drop the pinned-together socks back in the sock drawer. The process begins again, except this time you start off with all the pieces!

A few other things I had a hard time folding…

  1. Burp cloths
  2. Wash cloths
  3. Towels

I think the issue with the burp cloths was that we have so many different ones. It’s impossible to fold them all properly and make sure they all sit nicely on a shelf or in a drawer. So, I just throw them all in a nice box. Then I can grab what I need easily, and it doesn’t look too messy in the closet.


The wash cloths were just too small to fold. They wouldn’t even stay folded! So I’m using a box for those, as well!


The towels were another story. You know how baby towels work: they all have those cute little hoods for the sweet little baby heads. Which are cute indeed when you have a squeaky clean baby peeking out from under one, but not at all cute when you’re trying to fold the towel itself. So, I remedied that with hooks. Hooded towels are perfect to hang on hooks! A few of those placed throughout the closet, and voila! Towels taken care of!


(Don’t look at the rest of the closet – that’s an organization project that I’m working on, too! Blog post on that much later once I figure it out!)

By changing just those four things, the time I’ve spent messing with laundry has dramatically decreased. And that’s saying a lot for someone who has twin 3-month-old babies!

Do YOU have any great organizing solutions for teeny tiny items?

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19 thoughts on “The Best Way to Organize Baby Socks (and Other Tiny Things!)

  1. Those cute boxes are such a good idea. I can’t see wasting my time folding things that don’t stay folded. We have too much else to do to waste time on things like that.

  2. Trying to fold all the tiny things takes forever and you’ve found the best solution to keeping the socks together. Keeping all the bibs and washcloths in pretty boxes are great ideas too.

  3. Regarding socks, if you don’t mind keeping things very simple or only want to fuss with safety pins for fancy socks, only buy one style & in one color– the socks always match then. Its a method that works well for my husband and son at least. I don’t even spend time folding their socks–just stack them up in the drawer. When one set gets worn out and it’s time to replace them, I throw out the entire old set so the matches stay fresh looking. ?

  4. I believe in boxes & baskets too! I have a divider in my drawer for things like that, though I do stack my baby washcloths. They’re good practice for my toddler to stack.

  5. I have had five babies, so I know the pain of baby socks all too well! Pinning them together is a great idea. I also use a lingerie bag to keep them together in the wash.

  6. That’s a great idea. The box looks so cute. You have found a great solution to keep such small things like socks and bib. Also you can put one sock into another or tie knot. This can really help.

  7. putting them in a box is a great idea, been punishing myself for 2 years by keeping those little clothes altogether in one storage! haha thanks for the info

  8. Those are awesome! When the twins arrived, I made sure I know where to find all the things that they need especially the essentials! This will help a lot of new moms!

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