The Best Ribbon Projects You Can Make with Your Kids!

Our twins just celebrated their 5-month-old birthday yesterday – time is flying! Even though I’m trying to hold on to all the little moments, I’m also excited for all the fun times to come! One thing I’m really looking forward to doing with them is getting crafty! So when Annabelle Short contacted me about sharing a post on the best ribbon projects for kids, well, I started dreaming of doing crafts with ribbons with the girls! So fun! Here are her fantastic ideas:

Whether you purchase ribbons already hemmed and cut or make your own from strips of fabric, there are a lot of fun projects you can make with kids. You might want to begin by having a “round table think tank” meeting with kids who just may have some really creative ideas.

Even pre-school children can create ribbon projects with a bit of glue, styrofoam forms and colorful ribbons. Some of the best ribbon projects you can make with your kids include:

  2. Ribbon dolls
  3. Wind socks
  4. Whimsical creatures
  5. Native American dream catchers
  6. Floral Bouquets
  1. Book Marks – Ribbon Projects for the Younger Set

When inclement weather has your pre-school kids looking for things to do, start with the simplest of ribbon projects. For example, toddlers can make bookmarks using ribbon about six inches long. For this project use buttons or bit of jewelry that lost their mates like earrings kids can glue or sew to the top of the ribbon. They can also use small ribbon bows attached to the top of each bookmark.


  1. Ribbon Dolls

Ribbon dolls are another project kids love to make. Cut a pantyhose leg about five inches in length. Have kids stuff the open end with cloth scraps or paper from the shredder. Give them about two inches of ribbon to tie off the open end. This becomes the “head” of the doll. They can cut ribbon into small strips to make “hair.” Create a neck with about two to three inches of ribbon an inch down from the doll’s head. Tie the ribbon at the neck so it looks like a bow tie. Tie off legs with narrow ribbon strips. Glue buttons to the body to make a “suit.”

  1. Wind Socks

Wind socks are lots of fun for kids to make. Choose ribbons in patriotic colors, festive holiday colors or pastel colors for any occasion. To make a wind sock, you’ll need a metal embroidery hoop. Simply tie ribbons of the same length to the top of the hoop and use florist wire or heavy duty string to create a hanger. Attach the wire or string to three separate points on the hoop and attach the ends of this to a large paper clip. Hang the wind sock in a breezy place outdoors.

  1. Whimsical Creatures

Kids love to make whimsical creatures from ribbons. Butterflies, gingerbread men, ladybugs and dragonflies are simple for kids to make. Butterflies are made by shaping “wings” from ribbon and sewing or pinning the wings in the center. You can also use bits of old jewelry to create the head and antennae.

  1. Native American Dream Catchers

To make Native American Dream catchers, you will need a wooden embroidery hoop, a dark colored cloth doily, ribbon and strings. Use a hole punch to punch holes into the hoop at equidistant angles. Next, knot one end of heavy embroidery thread about three inches long and push the unknotted end through the holes. Attach the edge of doily to the strings so the doily is taut and tie off with a knot. Coordinate or contrast the color of the doily by tying colorful ribbons in sequential lengths to the hoop. Tie shorter ribbons on the outer edge of the hoop and the longest ribbons in the center of the hoop.


  1. Floral Bouquets

It is pretty easy to create flowers from ribbon. The easiest way is to cut ribbons with scallops or pointed edges and sew them to a short length of ribbon. Knot the ends of the ribbon to create flowers in bloom. To make buds, use a shorter length of ribbon and cut smaller size scallops or pointed edges. Then, turn the shorter ribbon into a bud.

Attached these to colorful pipe cleaners by taking the loose remaining ribbon and securing it to pipe cleaners to create “stems.” Roses are a bit more difficult, but not impossible to make. Roses begin with a small two inch ribbon shaped into a tight bud. Sew the bud at the bottom to secure it. Make another bow with six inches of ribbon shaped into “petals.” Sew this and the bud in the center to make a rose.

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Thanks so much, Annabelle! I especially love that dream catcher idea, don’t you?! And to be able to have PERSONALIZED ribbon from Wunderlabel – that could really come in handy, especially with twins! How fun!

How do you use ribbons in your crafting? 

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5 thoughts on “The Best Ribbon Projects You Can Make with Your Kids!

  1. Those ribbon bookmarks are so cute. I enjoy coming up with craft projects to do with my grandsons (no girls yet). Not sure if a ribbon craft would be up their alley, but I’m going to try. They would probably like making the ribbon creatures. 🙂 Such cute ideas!

  2. Had no idea you could do so many kid crafts with ribbons. I am always stumped on ideas. How about those dream catchers? They look so beautiful. I bet you’ll have fun beautiful crafts with the girls – growing up way too fast.

  3. I used to make roses out of ribbons to add to gifts when we wrap them. It’s really nice to be able to do these crafts with your kids! I love the dream catcher idea!

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