The 2017 Valentine’s Day Holiday Shelf!

We’re already past the half-way point of January, y’all! Can you believe it?! Time is just a flyin’!

So I figured it was time to get a bit of Valentine’s Day decor up and running. May I present, the 2017 Valentine’s Day Holiday Shelf:


As with everything else, my goal these days is always simplicity. But I wanted to mix a few different mediums on this one, as well.


I wanted a bit of rustic…


…and I think that was accomplished with these cute little burlap flower arrangements from Hobby Lobby! Oh, and with the cute little sign!


The lantern and candle bring a little bit of an elegant yet still “shabby” quality to everything, while being a bit symbolic. “A true love story never ends” is meant to go along with the candle in the lantern…kind of like an everlasting flame. I threw in the crystal candlesticks for a little bit of elegance in the midst of the rustic, too!


Oh, and i think the ribbon added a bit of extra elegance, too.


There ya have it!


Of course, I normally hang little something on the inside of the door, too, since it’s right there.


I thought it came out nicely. And my chubby little helpers approved, too!


Do YOU decorate for Valentine’s Day?

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7 thoughts on “The 2017 Valentine’s Day Holiday Shelf!

  1. i have checked your previous Valentine’s Day shelves, 2014-2016 they are all look so fab! I wish i have the same talent as yours! you are craetive!

  2. That’s really lovely! I don’t even decorate for Valentine’s Day! I think it’s very well put together and everything just comes along so nicely.

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