The 2017 Spring Holiday Shelf!

Here in Florida, we pretty much go straight from Fall into Spring. Not much Winter in these parts. I mean, temps reached 80 degrees yesterday, y’all. And it’s only the beginning of April! So, I pretty much figured it was time for the Spring Holiday Shelf!

When I started this whole “Holiday Shelf” deal, it was because I wanted a certain spot in which to be festive around the house, just because I could! After a little bit it turned into more of a simple kind of celebration. Now, it’s a fun creative outlet! And a lil’ challenge sometimes. I like to buy one new piece and then create the rest of the shelf with things I already have at the house. Which is exactly how it worked out this time around!


The piece I bought this time is right in the middle…


Don’t you love it? Such a great reminder, especially for Spring!

I used a scarf I had on hand…


…a few of my Willow Tree figurines…



…and some cute little wooden “coasters” I had leftover from a bridal shower I threw in the Fall!


Super simple, but I think everything tied together well.


Plus, I LOVE the colors!

If you’d like to see other Spring Holiday Shelves I’ve done over the past few years, here ya go:

The 2016 Spring Holiday Shelf
The 2015 Spring Holiday Shelf
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The 2013 Spring Holiday Shelf

Do you do any Spring decorating in your home?

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