The 2017 First Birthday Holiday Shelf!

Well, I have no idea if this is going to become a regular thing…a birthday holiday shelf – for the twins, that is! But it’s a nice way to break up my decoration phases, and, since we just had a huge party for the girls first birthday, I included the shelf as part of the party decor. (More about the party later!) But for now…check out the 2017 First Birthday Holiday Shelf!


New house and a new spot for the shelf, but still can be seen from the front door pretty easily, so that’s good!

The theme of the girls birthday party was, “Two Sweet Peas in a Pod”, so of course, I had to incorporate some Sweet Peas!


At least I THINK these are Sweet Peas. They’re close if they’re not official, right?!

And I also added in a piece I had that kind of looked like peas…peas, the vegetable.


Because the colors for the party were obviously pink and green.

I included the invite…


…and an hourglass because it feels like time is FLYING!


My sweet friend actually had this frame, and asked me if I wanted it for the girls:


Is it not PERFECT?! I used a couple of the Mother’s Day photo shoot pics we had done a little while ago and I think they fit perfectly. Sweet babies. I just LOVE them.


So there we have it! The 2017 First Birthday Holiday Shelf! Now I wonder if I should do this every year?!

Do you do any special decorating for your kiddo’s birthday?

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11 thoughts on “The 2017 First Birthday Holiday Shelf!

  1. That frame is adorable – almost as adorable as your precious girls! I think a first birthday shelf is a great way to keep the party going. I love how you incorporated the sweet peas to go along with the adorable theme. I can’t say adorable enough when looking at your girls and your shelf. So pretty!

  2. So so cute. I can’t believe it’s been a year.!! The birthday shelf is a great idea.
    We do streamers from in the kitchen doorway and cake for breakfast!!

  3. This is so special and how fun the shelf in your new home was decorated first from your girls’ party. Pink and green are always beautiful baby decor – I’m currently doing a little decor for the girls room.

    I have once decorated the mantle for our first daughter’s 5 year old birthday party and loved it. I had her photo in the middle and decor around it:)

  4. They are so stinking cute and precious. LOVE the Two Peas in A Pod theme. That frame is so perfect too!
    I have always enjoyed your Holiday Shelf. I think it’s great that you included the girls birthday as decor for it!

  5. Aww twins! I love the idea of a decorative display for birthdays. I do something similar for my own birthdays, a bit of a decorative space for my cards and gifts. I like keeping it up for a little bit before all cards end up in my love box.

  6. We always have a theme depending on their likes and personalities that year. We did Handy Manny for my son’s 1st. Since then we have done Cars, TMNT, Pokemon and others I cannot remember

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