The 2016 Spring Holiday Shelf!

Well, folks, by the calendar, it’s SPRING! 

I have a love/hate relationship with Spring, myself. I love it because everything starts going towards bright and cheerful and colorful. I hate it because I can’t stop sneezing, and normally develop some kind of sinus infection or bronchitis attack. Gotta take the good with the bad, I guess!

And one of the good things is, I can make it look like Spring INSIDE my house without sneezing a bit! Allow me to present to you…the 2016 Spring Holiday Shelf!


The centerpiece of this design is clearly the glass milk jugs in the wire basket.


Those came from a lovely website called Decor Steals! I get an email from them every day sharing new products that they have to offer, and I could NOT resist these! (I plan on using them in my kitchen, but I wanted them for the shelf first!)



All of the flowers are from my stash of artificial blooms that I keep for various decor purposes – most of them are from the Dollar Store, actually. The frame also hails from the Dollar Store.


And that sweet little printable came from Simply Bloom: you can get one, too, by CLICKING HERE!


I can’t for the life of me remember where the pinwheel came from, except that I bought several of them a few years ago to use for a photo shoot, and they’ve been lots of fun to decorate with, too!


So there you have it! Is it “Springy” enough? How do YOU decorate for Spring?

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9 thoughts on “The 2016 Spring Holiday Shelf!

  1. I have an entry way table that I decorate for Spring instead and I always change it up every season. I love how simple yours is and can’t wait to see the next decor idea.

  2. Ah, finally, the Spring Shelf! I love how simple and cherry it looks. I get emails from Decor Steals, too and love their products. Good use of the milk bottles!!

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