The 2016 Fall Holiday Shelf!

Well, it’s been a while, folks! I know it’s the first day of Fall, and I’ve been pretty quiet. No worries, I’m still around – my days are simply full of poop and formula and naps and…BABIES!

The girls are doing so well! They actually just moved off the preemie charts onto the “regular baby” charts, and their pediatrician (and their mom and dad, of course) are thrilled with how well they’re progressing! We are so thankful!

But another thing I’m thankful for is FALL. If you’ve been around the blog at all, you know I LOVE FALL! It’s my favorite season, and I really talk it up. Especially in Florida. Where it’s still 90 degrees during the Fall, I HAVE to talk it up, right?!

Sooo…Happy FIRST DAY OF FALL to everyone! In honor of this blessed season, I wanted to share with you nothing less than my 2016 Fall Holiday Shelf! (Because giving birth to twin girls one-and-a-half-months early is no excuse for NOT decorating for Fall! At least around our house!) When this time of the year rolls around, it’s still #myreason for jumping into the season of decorating!

And I’m totally stoked to share this particular shelf design because the elements came from the awesome folks of At Home!

Now, if you’ve never been to an At Home store, stop right now, head over to and check it out! It’s like an enormous warehouse full of all things wonderful for your home, inside and out! Check out what I found for the shelf…


Don’t you LOVE the “coastal” look? (I mean, kinda paying tribute to the lovely state where I live with these Fall accents, right?)

I actually had these decorative balls from another project, and I thought they worked so well with the At Home accents – don’t you agree?


But I SO loved all the sweet little details on the pieces from At Home, especially on the pumpkins!



I also love the “driftwood” look of the sign…


…and I even found a wreath for the inside of the front door that coordinates in color! I never would have thought Fall could be blue and green pastels…


…but I really like the idea! (And the final product!)


So there you have it! My 2016 Fall Holiday Shelf!


Now, make sure you check back in as time goes on, (specifically on OCTOBER 3) because I’ll be doing a complete Fall Home Tour, featuring even more treasures I found during my excursion to At Home! Oh, and I’m doing it along with EIGHT OTHER BLOGGERS, too! We will all be sharing our own #myreason (s) for decorating for this fabulous season!

See you soon!

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16 thoughts on “The 2016 Fall Holiday Shelf!

  1. It looks wonderful. I am really liking the blue and is using blue hues in my decor too. Those pumpkins and the wreath look really nice. So glad the family is doing well and you were able to show the Fall shelf as usual!!

  2. First of all, congratulations to you on the arrival of your sweet babies.
    This is a lovely time of year to enjoy with them.
    Your shelf turned out very lovely. Im very much crushing on those pumpkins

  3. First of all, your girls are adorable and it’s fantastic news that they are off the preemie and onto the regular baby charts. Praise God!

    Your coastal fall theme is beautiful! I love all things coastal, so I immediately fell in love with your fall shelf decor. Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. I dream of owning a beach house some day, and I think these would be such a cute way to decorate for fall while maintaining a beach vibe in the home! Your shelf is really beautiful!

  5. I have always enjoyed your seasonal changes to your Holiday shelf. Love those fabric pumpkins. I saw them in my At Home Store too. Looking forward to the home tour with so many of my blogging friends. Glad to hear the girls are doing so well. That’s awesome! Happy Fall.

  6. That’s a beautiful setup and it’s really easy on the eyes thanks to the color combinations! I love the blue and the white!

  7. So happy to hear that your baby girls are growing well. I absolutely love your fall themed shelf. This is something I hope to get more into as I always feel as though our home looks a little plain. I feel so inspired now!

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