Taming the Container Chaos

I had someone ask me the other day how I kept all my food storage containers organized.

My solution is pretty easy. I have two sets of food storage containers. Both of them include a very large container, and many smaller containers. I keep all the smaller containers in the larger one, just how I purchased them.

Here are the containers I have – Rubbermaid brand:


The only thing this photo doesn’t show is the larger container, but it’s about the size of a bread box – and all the containers fit inside it neatly and easily. The other good thing about this particular set is that the lids lock to the bottom of the containers. Great for keeping the right lids with the right containers, and even better for stacking them in the fridge!

But, for those who don’t have a larger container to keep the smaller ones in, try these ideas on for size:

1. Sort, match and recycle: Empty containers out of your cabinet, match them all up, and recycle any that don’t have lids, bottoms or that were just throw-ins (like whipped topping or lunch meat containers)

2. Use it or lose it: Some containers are in constant use, and others are basically bench-warmers. If you still need them, relocate them to another shelf or cabinet. They’re just cluttering the area you use every day. If you don’t need them? Be done with them!

3. Put it away right every time: Don’t take a shortcut and just “toss” food storage containers in the general area that they belong in. That’s the easy way out, but remember how hard you worked to organize it! You don’t want to have to do it again, do you?

4. Invest in a set of matching containers: This really is helpful, I promise!

5. Get the lid out: Store the lid separately from the container. It frees up more space!

6. Rethink your storage choice: Maybe you need to switch cabinets, shelves or drawers with other kitchen items. Don’t be afraid to move things around a bit! There’s nothing that says there’s only one spot where you can store food storage containers.

7. Think nesting: Stack all lids together and all containers together. This makes the best use of your space.

8. Be a groupie: Like I said before, keep smaller containers inside larger ones.

9. Shelf life: If you don’t have an entire shelf or cabinet in which to store containers in, try using a decorative box or basket. Then you can set it anywhere around your kitchen!

10. Turn and slide: Sometimes it’s hard to get to things that are stacked, so how about stacking food storage containers on a large baking sheet? Pull out the sheet and all your containers are easily within view and reach! Or use a turntable – then with a quick turn you can see them all at once!

How do YOU organize your containers?

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