JORD and You – Unique Gifts for Your Special Someone!

You may remember back at the end of May that one of the ways we celebrated Father’s Day was with a JORD Wooden Watch for my hubby!


(If you missed that post, CLICK HERE!)

Watch fiend that he is, he still wears this piece often, and always gets lots of compliments on it! So…I may have gotten just a little bit jealous. 

Now, let me lead in by saying that I’ve never been much of a watch person, myself. It’s not that I dislike them or anything of the sort – I just never developed any kind of an affinity towards them.

But JORD has changed my mind about watches, I must say. And, I’ve gotta say: whatever the occasion, watches are a great way to reward and remind someone of all the hard work and time they’ve put into accomplishing something. Like a graduation gift. Or a back to school gift. Or a just because gift! 

Sooo…I decided to test out a JORD wooden watch for myself – one of their women’s watches, of course! Check out this pretty one that arrived in the mail for me:


You’ll just have to ignore the puffy preggo hands and fingers, folks! This is the Cora series, the Purpleheart & Mother of Pearl option! Is it not GORGEOUS?!

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