3 Best Foods for Weight Loss: Delicious Recipes Included!

I’ll never forget the day that my husband told me (on a Sunday afternoon), “Hey, I’m gonna start the South Beach Diet tomorrow!” 

I was a bit surprised, but responded, “Oh, okay! You really want to do that? I mean, if that’s what you want to do, then go for it!”

He countered, “Yep, I think it’s just what I need to drop the few pounds I gained over the holidays. SO, here’s the book. You’ll need to to do my grocery shopping and make the recipes for me.”

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Do you wanna GUESS how THAT conversation ended?! HA! I am ALL for changing eating habits for the better, but I need a little bit of a notice, if you know what I mean!And motivation. Motivation is good, too!

If you are planning to start a diet with your family, you can boost the motivation for it by cooking some delicious low-calorie meals that contain the best foods for weight loss. That way, everyone starts to get used to some different tastes if they aren’t already! These special ingredients will ensure that you achieve your goals, and the recipes included in the article will allow you to enjoy this journey.



The benefits of broccoli are many, say Live Science and multiple studies. This extraordinary plant makes you healthier overall, helps protect against cancer, and greatly improves your digestion. It’s the latter that makes it a great addition to a weight loss diet. Not only is broccoli rich in dietary fiber, which boosts heart health and cleanses your body. It also contains elements that improve the condition of gut bacteria. While your gut is healthy, you can process foods better, thus boosting the efficiency of your diet.

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Stoked About South Beach!

The Back to School Blog Hop is still going strong! Today we’re over at Misty’s blog, Denverista! Check out her post on Back to School Supper Ideas, plus a PRINTABLE!

Okay, well…maybe I’m not exactly “stoked” about South Beach. Right now I’m suffering from a headache. I’m just not sure that “stoked” is it, but it makes for a cool blog title, so I’m running with it!

Almost two weeks ago, my hubby decided on a Wednesday evening that he was going to do the South Beach Diet…the next day. He was going to start it the next day. Which meant that I was going to fore go the menu for the rest of the week and start cooking South Beach. And since I wasn’t about to cook two meals…guess what?! I was going on South Beach, too!

Oh, we had some discussion that night, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Now, let me clarify. My husband has gained about 12 pounds since we got married. And I wish I could say that 12 pounds is ALL I have gained…but that would be VERY wrong. Maybe it was the switch from an active job to a desk job. Maybe it was the cancellation of the gym membership. Maybe it was the birth control. Maybe it was getting older. Maybe it’s that gluten free (which I have to eat) has more sugar in it to make things taste better. Maybe it was just pure laziness. I’m not entirely sure. But I have NEVER weighed this much in my life. I’ve been mumbling about it but not really doing anything about it. And getting a bit frustrated, if I’m being completely honest.

And while I’m being honest, I’m a little agitated that HE wants to lose weight. Because, let’s face it, ladies, men can lose the weight like it’s NOTHING. It really is sickening. We have to work and work and kill ourselves trying to drop a few pounds, and it’s just ridiculously easy for the men! Grrr!!!

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