Eating Vegetables To Increase Hydration

Now that summer has officially arrived, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. According to Healthline, if your body water percentage is too low it can lead to fatigue, headaches, skin problems, muscle cramps, low blood pressure, and a rapid heart rate. No wonder folks say you should drink several cups of water per day!

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However, did you know that you can fill up your hydration requirements – not just from glasses of water – but also from the foods on your plate? Here are the best vegetables to consume to increase your daily water intake!


With a water content of 98%, lettuce has a bunch of properties to promote your health. A cup of lettuce will give you 5% of your needed folate intake, 1 gram of fiber, and ¼ cup of water. Lettuce is a great food that you should eat more of because it has a low-calorie count. Moreover, lettuce is high in vitamin K, and A. Both of these vitamins are known to keep your bones and immune system healthy. Also, the fiber provided by lettuce has many benefits including normalizing bowel movements, lowering cholesterol levels, and controlling blood sugar levels. 

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CedarLane Review!

**PLEASE NOTE: While CedarLane DID provide me with this product to review at no cost, I was not in any way paid for my review. The following opinion is hereby my own.**

You know what, we try our hardest to eat healthy around our house. Don’t you FEEL better when you eat healthy?! We sure do!

That means that I make a grocery run for fresh food once a week, and I cook a lot, too. I enjoy cooking…and my hubby enjoys eating…so our system works well! 

But every once in a while, our schedules conflict or there’s just no time for me to stop and cook. It’s times like those that it’s nice to have a little healthy something in the freezer that we can warm up quickly.

So when CedarLane contacted me about trying their new Quinoa & Vegetable Enchiladas, I was all over it! 


Once I received the frozen dinners, I suddenly realized that I had missed a key point: quinoa.

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Simple Vegetable Garden Tips – A Guest Post!

I’ve been working around the outside of our home quite a bit these days. Doing some much-needed updating to the landscaping, and trying not to get heat stroke in the process! It’s been HOT in Florida of late! 

But even in the heat, I still enjoy “gardening”. I’ve got some Confederate Jasmine and Begonias growing beautifully up front, along with some Indian Hawthorns and even a new Sable Palm! In the backyard, I have some tropicals like Plumerias and Hibiscus, and I can’t wait to put the finishing touches on my Pineapple bed and my wee little rose garden so I can share with all of you! Oh, and the herb garden is doing fantastic on the patio – smells amazing!

And then there’s my vegetable garden. That’s been the experiment, really. So far I’m only growing beans, some simple salad greens, Romaine Lettuce and okra. So not what I wanted it to be at this point – it’s been a big work in progress, that’s for sure.

So when Sofia Lewis contacted me to see if I would share her vegetable garden tips…I knew I personally needed them! I hope they are helpful to all of you, as well! Let’s see what she’s got for us…

unnamed (1) 

If you are an avid gardener or want to become one, you should learn all the tricks of the profession. There are many little things that you can learn in order to make yourself a better gardener or at the very least ease up your gardening effort a little. Such tricks can be time savers, or they can be the difference between a properly raised vegetables and vegetables that appear simply because you planted them and watered them enough for some results to appear. You do not want the latter, so here are some tips for you and your vegetable garden!

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A Lil’ Garden Update!

One of my big plans for our backyard is to have three (LARGE) raised beds full of vegetables! I’m working on introducing more and more veggies into every meal; sometimes even “hidden” in places my husband would not expect, ha! (Do you have to do that, too?!)

However, I’m still working a full-time job, running my own business on the side and doing this lil’ blog…so I don’t have all the time in the world to cultivate a huge garden right now. And I’m really good at overwhelming myself with too much to do! So I wanted to start VERY small – see what grows well in our yard and in our climate…and, let’s face it…see what I DON’T kill!

So, as of right now, I have three things growing. Yes, just three! But they’re all growing WELL, so that’s the idea, right?

1. Tomatoes – There are SO many of them – just clusters and clusters! I can’t wait to slice these up with some fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar!


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