Essential Kitchen Accessories – forget all the STUFF! – A Guest Post!

Those of you who’ve been reading the blog for a while know that I despise clutter. Especially in the kitchen. There’s nothing I hate more than going into the kitchen and having to clean it before I can even cook in it…because then I have to clean it up when I’m done, too!

So when Jerin Marina approached me about doing an article for the blog about the essential items to furnish your brand new kitchen with, I loved the idea! I mean, come on, what woman would not want to suddenly have a brand new kitchen and furnish it with the necessities…and that’s IT! Jerin herself is a passionate cook and blogger who specializes in providing information on and reviews of food processors (which I think is fantastic – considering I don’t have a food processor *gasp* and I’ve learned a lot from her site! Check it out at when you can! Tons of fanatic information and side-by-side comparisons, the works!)

And so, without further ado, here’s Jerin!

Moving into a new home can be pretty nerve-wrecking for some people, as they have to deal with a lot of things so they can settle in comfortably. It has been found through studies and surveys that people take about two weeks on average to get settled in a new home, which, when compared to people living in fast cities, like New York, is pretty slow. People in New York take about a total of three days to get settled in a new home. The main reason for that is that people living in fast-paced cities know what tools, equipments and accessories are required for them to get settled in easily. The most important portion of a new home that takes up the most time is the kitchen. Here is your guide to the essential kitchen accessories and tools for your new home.


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Organizing Tips for Your Kitchen – Guest Post!

I’m thrilled to have the lovely Jill, from Called to Be a Mom, here on the blog today to give us some awesome tips for organizing our kitchens! Welcome, Jill!


You’ll definitely want to check her blog out, as well, but first, let’s see how she can help us in the heart of the home: the kitchen!


Thanks for having me as a guest blogger today.

We have been very busy at my blog this month. Our main focus has been on goals and organization. We have taken the challenge of 40 Bags in 40 Days which helps us get 40 bags of stuff out of our house in 40 days. We are about half way through the series.

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