Tips to DIY Marble Care

As I was scrubbing down our tile shower in our Master Bathroom a couple days ago, I found myself daydreaming about a marble shower for just a moment. Think of how lovely it would look! Think of how much easier it would be to clean!

But then, I wasn’t so sure. After all, there is NO marble in our home whatsoever. Even though I love the look of it, I had to admit to myself that, even if I had some of it installed…I still wouldn’t know how to clean and care for it!

Enter Owen Franklin from TheMarbleCleaner, asking me if I’d like to publish his article detailing DIY tips for caring for marble! Excellent timing, Owen! Let’s see what ideas he has for us, shall we?

For many, marble is seen as one of the most beautiful home accents you can add to your home. Not only will it brighten a room like no other stone, it will also add value to your home that does not degrade with time. However, many homeowners choose not to use marble because without the right tips and training marble can be very difficult to keep clean and looking new. But do not worry; this article will give you some awesome tips to clean and maintain your marble surfaces, and how to do it with supplies you already have around the house!

Clyde Hill Modern Farm House

Keep your marble looking new!  

The most important thing a marble owner can do is to be diligent and always clean their surfaces after use. As the Marble Institute of America says, “If a homeowner cleans their countertops after each meal, they will rarely, if ever, have staining or clean-ability issues.”

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Why Would You Acid-Stain Concrete?

I have a porch dilemma.

Well, actually, TWO porch dilemmas.

1. Our front porch

Our front porch was “tiled” by the previous owner with these very large concrete tiles.

Outdoor tile alternative!

First of all, I don’t love the colors. I’m not a huge fan of things that are orange. And second of all, when they break, it’s hard to fix!

Outdoor tile alternative!

And the GROUT. I hate grout anyways, but this is just impossible to keep clean!

Within the next few weeks, our house will be painted, and these tiles will then TOTALLY clash. Ugh! What to do? I wonder if I can paint it…

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Tile. It’s Not Just to Walk On!

You’ve heard me say it here on the blog more than once: the only carpet we have in our home is in our closets! It’s true!

While the bedrooms have wood floors, throughout the foyer, kitchen, dining room, living room and two bathrooms, we have tile, and lots of it. As a matter of fact, even the front porch is covered in decorative tile!

But I guess I never really thought much about tile being anywhere except under my feet. I mean, I’ve seen it as a backsplash, in a shower and sometimes used as countertop. but that was about it! So when Matt Zajechowski contacted me and asked if I would be interested in sharing a tile guide developed by the design team from Drury Design, I took a look at it and gave him a resounding YES!


You’ve GOTTA check this out!!!

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Three Things I Did This Weekend That Made My Life Easier

If you’re like me, you’re busy. Even the weekends are busy. I can’t count the number of times on a Friday I’ve been like, “Thank God it’s Friday!” and then said, “Oh…wait…I have just as much to do in the next two days as I did in the last five…”

However, this past weekend, I did three simple things (that didn’t take me long at all) and they honestly made my life a little bit easier.

1. I purchased a scrub brush for our shower


One of the selling points when we bought this house was the HUGE shower in the Master Bathroom. I still love that shower, but it’s not the easiest thing in the world to clean. Mostly because it’s so big…but also because it’s all tile. Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that I NOTICE the dirtiness when I’m actually in there taking shower, so I decided to fix that issue. I purchased the scrub brush, filled it with soap, and, for the past three days, as I’ve been in the shower I’ve searched for any bit of dirt I could find, and then spent a couple minutes at the end of my shower scrubbing it and then washing it down with our detachable shower head. Perfecto!

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Grout Cleaner Extraordinaire

Tile is NOT my favorite. If I had my way, all of our floors here at the house would be wood. (And they will be eventually!) But, for right now, we have a mixture of tile and wood. That’s it. In fact, the only carpet in our house is comprised of rugs and closets. In the long run, it’s MUCH better for our allergies, but…GROUT.

We’re not sure what exactly went on in this house before we bought it, but the neighbors tell us that the previous owners TRASHED the place…and there are definitely some spots where the grout shows it.

I researched different cleaners. I looked up ideas on Pinterest. I even priced companies to come in and clean the stuff. Because, honestly, I just didn’t want to do it. Blech.

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