A Unique Way to Organize Your Spices!

It’s the age-old question of kitchen masters everywhere: how can I best organize my spices?

While this answer is probably different for each cook, baker and/or kitchen, I knew I needed to get a bit of a handle on mine! Here’s how I had them stored in my pantry:


Not too bad, in the grand scheme of things. (Note: I have a countertop spice rack, as well, but these are all my extra ones!)

But when I took a look at this I realized how much space they were taking up in my pantry. And I’m all about using extra space creatively to store things in, so I got to looking my pantry over. Have you seen my pantry? Take a look:

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Top Container Store Picks for Spring!

My adoration for The Container Store is no surprise to anyone who reads this blog. When I received their Project Spring Organization catalog in the mail the other day, I was so excited about the sale that I decided I HAD to share my top five picks! Each of the following items are organizational items that I have never seen before, so I’m hoping none of you have, either! Check them out!

1. Quilted Handbag Shapers – I’ve seen shapers for boots, but not handbags! Especially pretty ones like this! For any special purses you’ve got that you don’t want squished, what a fantastic option!



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Dollar Tree Organization

I did a post a while back about the brand new Container Store that came to my neck of the woods – remember that one?

While I LOVE The Container Store, they are not always as cost-effective as specific projects require. When I’m working on something like I’m working on now (I’ll reveal once it’s complete, no worries!) and I need more items than normal, I don’t necessarily want to spend upwards of $10 for one container.

I often purchase things that may only be used once or twice at the Dollar Tree – items for centerpiece bases for parties, baskets for give-aways, gift boxes, etc. So I was aware that they probably had what I needed for this particular project, but when I walked in, they had MORE than I needed.


Well, I didn’t need any hangers, but if I did I think I could have them a different color for every day of the week!

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I’ll Try to Contain Myself…

I say this to others often, normally in a deeply sarcastic manner. “Oh, it’s Monday again? I’ll try to contain myself…” That kind of thing! However, when I finally got to go to the newly-opened Container Store in Tampa…OH MY GOODNESS!!! I seriously had to work hard to “contain myself”!

Now, I’ve made purchases on their website, and watched them on Facebook and Twitter, and perused their catalog, but I had never been there.

My husband and I had both taken the day of our anniversary off to spend it together last week, and when our plans were rained out, he suggested that we go to the Container Store instead…because he knew how much I had been wanting to pay a visit. Talk about true love!!! And a VERY patient man, ha!

The first very exciting thing was…


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