Thanksgiving Menu FREE Printable!

Hey, y’all! Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet? I’m almost there! Today I’ll be getting the house in order and making sure I didn’t forget anything at the store and trying to cook a few things ahead of time! Good times!

Almost every time we have a big family dinner, it’s pot-luck style. (Everyone brings something or is assigned an item to bring.) Thanksgiving is no different, except this year, Jerrod and I will be having Thanksgiving lunch at our house for his family and then we’ll be headed to my parent’s for Thanksgiving dinner with them and more of the family. Not to mention the food I made for his team’s party at work. Needless to say, it all ran together a little bit – I didn’t even get to make the neighbors anything!

When I start to get overwhelmed, I write things down. Then I can see it all in black and white, and then I know what needs to be done. However, I also like to write it on something pretty! Hence, today’s Thanksgiving Menu Printable!

Thanksgiving Menu

Whatcha think? There are spaces to write the dish, and a space to remind everyone who was in charge of bringing it! Mine is already filled out an don our fridge, but I hope you can make use of this one to help you organize your day! CLICK HERE if you’d like to download it!

Happy prepping to all of you!