Let’s Talk Luxury Home Textiles – Fabrics and How to BEST Use Them!

I now have not one, not two, but THREE room makeovers underway at my house. It’s enough to drive me nuts! I literally have 2 things left to do to finish our Master Bedroom, but we started on the living room before I finished the bedroom, and then I got pregnant, so now we’re working on the nursery! Mercy! 

I’ve never really thought of myself as a great decorator. I don’t have a “system” or any training or anything like that. I just move things around until I like how they look. I guess that IS my system! (And I watch lots of HGTV and play on Pinterest quite often, as well!)

So when Paul Trevino and I got to talking about textiles, a few things started to make a lot of sense! (I also realized I needed to work on my textile game a bit.) He and Vanessaarbuthnott.co.uk were kind enough to provide me (and all of you!) with this post about textiles, and how to use them in our homes! Pretty neat, if you ask me! 

Decorating a home is more difficult than meets the eye. There are some rules one must abide by to create balance and make sure that all rooms look properly balanced. Color matching, furniture placement, wall painting and accessorizing might seem like the easiest job. However very few people know that home decorating is like a puzzle game. Everything has to fit perfectly for the end result to look balanced, attractive and modern. It all starts with the furniture; then we move onto the walls, and last but not least, we have textiles. Homes look incomplete without curtains, drapes, linens, and tablecloths. Home textiles make our living rooms and bedrooms feel comfortable. It is important to make sensible choices if you want your place to look luxurious and comfortable. Here are some useful tips to help you transform your residence into a beautiful, cozy nook.

Textiles 1

Understand Fabric

Before making any choices, one must understand the fabric. Don’t just choose cotton for everything because it won’t work. If you want your place to look chic and feel cozy, you must go beyond that. Satin, silk, polyester, wool and linen are great options too. You just have to know where to put them and how to blend them with the rest of the décor.

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