New Additions

As we get more and more settled in our new home, I pick up things in my free time (HA! What the heck is FREE TIME?!) and add them to our house. Thought I’d start sharing those with y’all! Maybe you’ll get some good ideas, and maybe you can give me some good ideas, too!

Note: I don’t bring things into the house unless I LOVE them. I don’t see a point in being surrounded by “stuff”, much less stuff that I think is “just okay”.

1. Storage Ottomans


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Patriotic Holiday Shelf! (With links to TWO FREE PRINTABLES!)

Up until this past weekend, my Holiday Shelf had been decorated for Spring. I changed it for Memorial Day, but kept the chance patriotic-based, so I could keep it up until July 4!


I had the cool decorative ball from last year (I think I got it at Hobby Lobby) and the frame is one of my standard ones that I used for printables, but the cute bucket came from Target and the little “sparklers” came from Michael’s. (I also keep that crinkly paper “filling” on hand, because it’s great for gift-wrapping, flower-arranging, trinket-staging, cat amusing, etc.)

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