16 Fabulous Outdoor Christmas Decorations

My sweet hubby put our outdoor Christmas decorations up over the weekend, and he did a really great job – they look fantastic!

But, as the ever-cautious wife that I am, when he was getting started and planning things out, I was a little bit concerned. Because he had big plans. Bigger than in years past. Like…there was talk of blow-up light-up lawn decor. Yes. Concerned I was. Because I didn’t want our yard to look TACKY. BLECH. I can’t stand tacky!



In the end, he ended up doing a nice combination of white and colored LED lights – just the right amount, and nothing is flashing in a seizure-inducing manner. WIN!

(He was probably trying to get a rise out of me with the talk of the blow-up light-up yard ornaments anyays!)

But when Sneha from Terry’s Fabrics contacted me to see if I was interested in sharing about **fabulous** outdoor Christmas decorations, I thought I might get even more ideas! And YOU might, too!

So here we go…

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