Fabulous Find! (Yes, another one!)

We’re moving from a home that is all carpet (other than the bathroom and the kitchen) into a home that only has carpet in three closets. While this will be FANTASTIC for our allergies, there is a lot of white tile and light-colored wood covering these floors…and we have a very black kitty cat. And let’s face it, I’m very anal when it comes to keeping things clean.

I was really wondering what I should do as far as a tool to clean these floors with! Just use a broom and sweep everything all the time? Then follow up often with a good ol’ mop? That would take forever! What about a steam cleaner? But I still need to get the dirt up first! Or could I just use the regular vacuum I already have? I used to have a Swiffer SweeperVac and I really loved it, but the battery was horrible, which translated into horrible suction, and I eventually got rid of it. But I really liked the size of it – maybe something like that?

After doing a bit of research, I finally came across something I thought might work: a 3-in-1 Vac from Bissell. The good thing was, it was only $20 at Walmart, so I figured, even if it’s horrible, I’ve only wasted $20…instead of investing a few hundred for something that I might not like. And it’s a Bissell – it’s bound to work at least KINDA good, right?

So I picked this little baby up from Walmart and headed to our new house to give it a good cleaning before we started moving things in.


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