On Organizing Car Compartments

Around a month ago, my hubby and I bought a new car!

We say that to be fair.

Technically, I’m the one driving the car, and I’m the one who traded my other car in for the new one…so it’s pretty much MY car. However, he has a car, and this new one is technically an SUV, so we say that now we have a car and an SUV. And whoever needs to drive what depends on their day…but mostly I drive the SUV.

The above is my rationalization to him for the organizing of the compartments in the SUV that I did. He didn’t quite see the need for it…especially in the containers that I chose, but, as usual, he will eventually come around to my color-coded reasoning.


The size of the SUV is much different than the size of my former car. I went from this…


…to this!


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