Conveniently Healthy – With Steel and Grace!

If you’re a regular reader here on the Road to Domestication, then you know that, from time to time, I enjoy sharing stories about amazing people who have created an amazing product, or business – people who have taken an idea and really just RUN with it and started something incredible! I share these stories to inspire YOU to pick up the ideas that have been left behind in your life and run after them!

Today, we meet Mary.


I’ve known Mary for about 13 years now, and although she’s one of the smartest women I’ve ever met, I’ve never seen her do anything like this before! It’s pretty amazing! Have you heard of “salad in a jar”? Maybe you’ve seen it on Pinterest, something like this?


Well, Mary has taken “salad in a jar” to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

Mary has created four kinds of salads (complete with custom dressings) and two kinds of snack cookies (everything with all-natural ingredients). She “jars” the salads, and customers order them via text, Facebook or her website. Then she delivers them!

Can you imagine? Being able to reach in your fridge and grab a fresh salad in a jar to take to work with you for lunch? Or even come home after a long day and grab a salad for each member of your family, totally prepared, right out of the fridge, for dinner?

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