St. Patrick’s Day Ideas + HM #174

Welcome to the Home Matters Linky Party #174! Our theme today is St. Patrick’s Day Ideas! Can you believe we’re already coming up on that holiday?! I hope that not only do you have fun celebrations planned with family and friends, but that you can get some fab ideas for all things St. Patrick’s Day from this post! #HomeMattersParty #StPatricksDayideas

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St. Patrick’s Day Ideas! +HM #174

Here are some super fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas for your celebrations!

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The St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Shelf!

Yes, yes, we decorate for St. Patrick’s Day at our house. The main reason being: St. Patrick’s Day is also my hubby’s birthday! And last year it was so close to Easter that it was pretty hard to decorate for! (I think I was only able to leave it up for about a week or so! But, if you want to see last year’s short-lived St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Shelf, CLICK HERE!)

I’m thankful that there was much more time between holidays this year, but I went simple anyways! Here we go…


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St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites

I never really was one to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, until I met my husband…who’s birthday is actually the same day! So now the whole family celebrates!

Last year I made him a birthday cake for his section at work – a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup birthday cake that took me about 6 hours to complete! Everyone loved it, and it DID look pretty cool, but I figured I’d ask if he wanted the same cake again or something different. When he saw a picture of these St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites, he was sold. “Yes, please!” he said. (By the way, if you’re looking for the recipe for that Reese’s Cake, you can find it on my Sweet Treats board on Pinterest!)

Like most things these days, I also found the recipe for his St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites on Pinterest. I saved them on my Lucky Duck Board – here’s the actual link: St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites. They’re supposed to look like this:


Cute, huh?

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The Holiday Shelf – St. Patrick’s Day!

If you’ve been following for a bit, you’ll know that I do a “Holiday Shelf” (just my special little spot of the house that I reserve for whatever decoration purpose I deem necessary!) Although St. Patrick’s Day is VERY close to Easter this year, I couldn’t skip St. Patty’s…’cause it’s also my hubby’s birthday! And as much rolling of the eyes and shaking of the head he gives me over the Holiday Shelf, if I was to skip HIS holiday, I know I’d hear about it!

So here it is!


Here’s a close-up collage of all the little details…

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