The Space Savers Encyclopedia!

So, we’ve now lived in our house for almost two-and-a-half years, and I noticed something the other day: we’re starting to accumulate STUFF.

Now…I HATE stuff. There’s no point in just having STUFF. And it really bothers me when I look around the house and I just see STUFF.

Post It Note With Copyspace For Message

So I’ve been working on eliminating some of our stuff. Some has gone to friends or family who are in need of it. Some has gone to the consignment store or a yard sale site where we can get a little money for it. Some has been digitized and shredded. And some has just plain been thrown away. 

I’m feeling a lot better about things in this regard lately, but, allow me to point this out: there’s a difference between having STUFF and having things that just need some good organizing. I mean, you really shouldn’t get rid of all of your socks because your sock drawer is cluttered. Your feet might get cold at some point. You just need to save a little space and do a little organizing.

So when Georgia from Storage World contacted me to see if I was interested in her Space Savers Encyclopedia infographic, I wasn’t quite sure what a Space Savers Encyclopedia was! But as soon as I saw it, I knew it was exactly what I needed…and probably what some of you need, too!


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