New Product Try-Outs: Crock Pot White Chicken Chili

Well, you know me, when I find a fantastic product I do love to share it! And this one is no exception.

We all love our Crock Pots, right? I find that, especially on Mondays, when it’s hard to get back into the swing of things after the weekend, it’s easy to throw stuff in the Crock Pot or slow cooker and come home to a nice dinner. One less thing to worry about after a long day! But I’ve found something that makes it even easier than that…


Oh yes, these are what you think they are! Eight different Crock Pot meals in a box! Dump ’em in and add a few other things, in some cases, and you’ve got a fantastic meal!

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Day 2 of the Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever!

Today is Day 2 of the series: The Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever! I’m so excited that you’re back!


Yesterday we got two awesome recipes for Scalloped Corn and Tangy Green Beans! Did you miss that post? CLICK HERE to visit it!

And today things get even yummier! I’m so excited to share two absolutely delicious recipes with you! From the lovely Vee at Made Actually, we have a recipe for Cranberry Relish, and from the fabulous Carli at Livin’ the Mom Life, we have a recipe for CrockPot Sausage Stuffing. (OH YES!) So let’s dig in!

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Fabulous Find!

To be fair, this is not a NEW Fabulous Find, but, in prepping a meal the other day, I thought, I wonder how many people know about these things? I must spread the word! The word about what, you may ask?

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners!


I touched on these in a previous post, but they really are so wonderful that they need to be highlighted on their own!

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Favorite Products: Crock Pot

Article updated on August 13th, 2018

Do you have a Crock Pot?

If your answer is no, stop reading right now and go get one! I’m serious! They’re that wonderful!

Since I work full-time and do lots of other things on the side, sometimes it’s hard to find time to cook. Although I really enjoy cooking (it’s pretty much my “me” and “creative” time), there are days when time is simply not on my side. On those days, I break out the Crock Pot.

Here’s the kind I have.

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