Child Car Seat Rules That Are Mostly Ignored

We’re coming up on the second birthday of the twins in just over a month, which means the hubby and I have been talking a lot about car seats these days. Their current car seats are suited to grow with them until they’re practically in Kindergarten, but we’ve still got them rear-facing as far as position. My original plan was to turn them around after their second birthday, but now, I think I may have watched one too many crash test videos. At this point, I NEVER want to turn them around! The thought scares me!

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So, in my quest to find every excuse in the book to NOT turn them around (at least until they need to get their learner’s permits…HA!) I’ve unearthed quite a bit of important information that needs to be shared. In lieu of that, keep the following in mind:


The car seat should be an essential piece of equipment if you have a baby or young child. But only if it is fitted correctlyUnfortunately this is not always the case. A recent survey suggests that as many as 1 in 3 car seats are not fitted correctly; leaving your child vulnerable if you have an accident.

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