Passing the Test on Back to School Organization

Well, it’s that time of year again! Parents are high-fiving and kids are dragging. Time to go back to school! However, it may not be a high-five mentality for you if you are more overwhelmed than excited by everything that needs to be done! No worries – I am here to help! Take a few moments to read through these five tips on Back to School Organization!

1. Clothing


New school clothes rank at various levels of difficulty. If your kids have uniforms, then, folks, you’ve got it MADE in the shade! Spend some of your time assisting a less-fortunate parent, ha! If you have small children, it’s not too much more difficult, either. Why not get a sitter, take a day for yourself, go do all their school clothes shopping and bring it home to them. They’re not old enough yet to want to coordinate all of their own outfits, so you just end up being super mom! (Or super dad. Hi to any dads reading this!) But if you have older kids…there’s not much to do but suck it up and get it done. Choose a day and prepare yourself. Bribe yourself, even. (Heck, you may have to bribe the whole family.) Make sure you are not rushed, and make sure the kids understand the task at hand. And then…just git ‘er done! Once you’ve obtained everything, if you’re not working with uniforms, choose outfits on the weekend for the entire week ahead. Then there are no “late” issues due to “wardrobe” issues. Each child simply puts on the clothes laid out for the current day!

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