On Managing the Paperwork

Folders Showing Organising Documents Filing And Reports

So now that the taxes are done (well, OUR taxes are done…are yours?) I find myself overrun with paperwork. You know, all the files you’ve been filling for the past year? They’re all full. Your filing cabinet is full. And now you’re throwing 2014 in with 2013 and everything needs to be reorganized…but where are you going to put all those extra papers?

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The Tax-Man Cometh!


I know, I know. I hate it, too. But since it has to be done, I figured I’d share some of my tips…before it’s too late. Don’t worry! You still have more than a month, right?

In our house, my January project is TAXES. Christmas has been packed up and put away, there are no longer nightly functions to attend, and life seems like it just might be getting back to normal.

All year long, I’ve been saving receipts, documents, statements…anything and everything that affects taxes. You know why? Because we itemize! Oh yes! And you would be surprised at the things you can write off!

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