5 Reasons to Schedule a Chimney and Roof Inspection

One of the most overlooked areas of any house is, naturally, the roof part (which also usually includes the chimney). The reason why so few people think of the roof as a part of the house that requires constant upwork and maintenance is that it’s so high up, and as they say, out of sight is out of mind. But that’s not really the best way to go about things. In fact, neglecting your roof and chimney can turn out to be one of the worst moves you’ve made in your entire life as a homeowner.

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This is why you’ll need to schedule regular chimney and roof inspections, or indeed, perform a DIY roof inspection. While these can be effective starters, and particularly useful if you want your roof inspected on a frequent basis, we recommend going for a professional roof and chimney inspection at least once a year, just to check that everything is in proper working order.

  1. There are things you won’t see with the naked eye

Now, this is one of the main reasons why you’ll need a professional to examine your roof. First of all, there are so many little issues you can’t see either from the ground, or even when you’re up there, with the naked eye. We tend to look for the big ones, but often forget it’s not a big crack that can cause a serious problem. For example, even a tiny tear or one missing shingle can provide access to rats, bats, and other wild animals, straight into your home.

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5 Things to Consider When Doing a Roof Replacement

With a roof above your head, you’re bound to feel safe. But when the ceiling starts to leak, do you wonder if it’s still protecting you?

Your home is like a military base. The walls and fences around it keep you away from prying eyes, and your doorways and hallways control movement around the house. Knowing that each of these areas in your house contribute a specific kind of function and protection is one thing, but often times, people overlook the very thing that keeps the sun out, the insides dry, and within reasonable amounts of temperature: the roof.

Look at those shingles—they’re cracked, they’re curled, they’re buckled, and they’re coming off. What about the roof’s once vibrant coat of color? Riddled with ruin, as though it were a man losing his hair. Are your neighbors replacing their roofs? Is your house as old as your neighbors’ houses? If this is the case, then it’s time for you to get a new roof.

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When Do You Need to Repair Your Roof?

House parties, family gatherings at home, or simple dinners at home are so in nowadays that many people are now making their homes cozier, warm, and inviting. Every single home detail must be on point, but have you ever checked if you can still host these kinds of events whenever the rain is pouring hard?

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Roofs are the less maintained part of the house that many homeowners neglect and pay less attention to. Are you guilty as charged? Don’t worry. You are not alone, and many are facing the same situation as you do. It’s not too late; here are the signs that you need a roof repair.

Roof Age

The roof may last a maximum of 20 to 30 years, depending on what type of materials your roof is made of. Even if it still looks good in the hindsight, you must check the internal parts of the roof because it may have damages beyond what’s seen. By verifying the roof, you will prevent significant damages and this might also help you save money in the long run; money that you can still use for future home renovations for your house to look more beautiful and homier.

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