Irreplacable! Or is it?

Growing up, I always loved my Grandma’s regular dishes. They were a very light gray with pretty blue patterns on them, and they reminded me of Holland, where she hailed from. I have fond memories of the small plates she would put cottage cheese and fruit on, and the bowls she would put vanilla ice cream in, covered with fresh strawberries. I even dropped a dinner plate or two, and they were so heavy-duty that nothing broke – whew!

When my family moved Grandma out of her home and into her room at the assisted living facility, I happened to be home from college on break, so I jumped in and assisted with the moving process. She had no need for the dishes anymore, and no one else requested them, so my mom packed them up for me, and they were placed in the attic for my future use. When I got married, I broke out the boxes and brought out all the dishes – they’ve been in my kitchen ever since.

Along the same lines, when my mom first got married, she chose a beautiful new china pattern that my grandma loved so much, SHE went out and bought a set just like it! She gave it to my mom when she moved into the assisted living facility, which meant my mom had two sets of this beautiful china – one to give to me and one to give to my sister.

So right now, I have all of these dishes at my house – even my sister’s set of china. (She promises to come get them when she marries a rich man and has room to display them!) And they’re wonderful and beautiful and I love them…there’s only one problem.

I can’t just run up to a department store and grab new pieces. And up until recently, I couldn’t even find a place where I could get more of the china! (Right now there are a few chipped tea cups that need replacing – things happen, right?) And I could definitely use some more plates to add to the regular dish set.

Anyone else have this problem? If you can’t find what you’re looking for in stores and you don’t know where to get replacements for your regular dishes or your fine china, no worries! I have a solution! It’s called Replacements!

Replacements is a fantastic website where you can enter in the name or the number listed on your dishes and TONS of matches will pull up! You can literally order replacements for whatever you may need! Their inventory is AMAZING!

Here’s how it works:

Listed on the bottom of my china is its name and number.


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