Fall Holiday Shelf!

Happy First Day of Fall, all!

First of all, I LOVE this season – it really is my favorite!!! Second of all, it’s kinda hard to get into Fall here in Florida (the high today is slated to be 86…which is about 10 degrees cooler than highs last week…so maybe we’re getting there…but probably not!) But I don’t let the heat and humidity outside hamper the “feeling of Fall” that I like to create inside! And all of that starts with the Holiday Shelf.


If you look from left to right, you can see where I represent Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then just Fall in general. I’ve not really want to split up the decoration occasions for the shelf, because then we can’t enjoy it for any length of time. Plus, I’m not a huge Halloween fan. (Don’t shoot me.)

I snagged this cute gourd and pumpkin pair at Michael’s!

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Customizing Candlesticks

Ever look for the “perfect” item for a specific part of your home…look for WEEKS for it…and finally find it…but it’s just not exactly right?

I saw this picture on Pinterest over the summer:


So pretty, huh? Thanks, Better Homes & Gardens, for the inspiration! I decided that those pumpkins and those pedestal candlesticks needed to be the centerpiece our dining room table for Fall!

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