4 Other Times You Should Hire a Pro for Home Projects

You already know that there are a few home maintenance and repair jobs that you will never be able to do.

Or perhaps there is a particular job you don’t care for. (For us, that was painting – NOT our favorite). Thankfully that’s a fairly simple job to accomplish by asking our neighbors to recommend painters in Brisbane, or wherever you happen to reside!

But things like your foundation and roof are simply too important for you to tinker with, and dangerous home projects concerning tree removal or electrical work are best left to the pros. However, most homeowners only think about outsourcing those tasks or projects that concern large or integral home systems — when in reality, most homeowners should be searching for a cost guide and contacting third parties much more frequently to perform a wealth of jobs for home upkeep, repair and improvement.

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Your job probably isn’t home management, so you shouldn’t be fussing over anything larger than small, day-to-day home maintenance. Here are signs that a certain job requires a professional handyman or some other service provider:

It Requires Special Skill

Some home projects require expertise obtained through education and extensive experience — and you probably don’t have that. Sure, you can use the web to hunt down thorough how-to articles and videos, but that 20-minute, self-guided instruction probably isn’t enough to prepare you adequately for the project ahead. If the resource you use skips any small step, you could severely damage your home or yourself, requiring higher costs for repair and negating any conceivable benefit of DIY.

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5 Reasons To Hire A Furnace Repair Professional

I swear, I felt just a HINT of Fall in the air today! And that’s sayin’ something, folks! Here in Central Florida, Fall is hard to come by.  Yet I know there are places where the temps are already dropping – perhaps you are reading this post from one of those cool spots!

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So, in celebration of the fact that cooler weather is indeed on the way…let’s talk about being ready! Mainly, making sure your furnace is ready! After all, when the time comes to do some maintenance checks around the house, if there is one appliance that should not be overlooked, it’s your furnace. Many people forget about their HVAC unit and leave it unattended for years, only noticing it when something goes wrong. Tricks like changing your furnace filter are helpful when it comes to maintaining the appliance, but it might be time to check how the unit itself is running. While you may be tempted to DIY this project, here are five reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a furnace repair specialist to do a check-up on your home’s HVAC unit.

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Professionals Know

Searching for answers on the internet can give you varied information when it comes to maintaining your home. Why not skip the research step and bring in a trained professional who can quickly decipher problems with your furnace and air conditioning unit? Furnace repair experts have years of experience and the knowledge to help you get your HVAC unit running efficiently in order to save you money on your energy bill. It’s their job!

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Times You Should Hire a Pro for Your Home Repairs

When you’re a homeowner, you quickly get used to small expenses coming up. A leaky faucet here, a broken window there. The small fixes can add up quickly if you aren’t careful, which is why, if you’re like most homeowners, you try to DIY as much as possible. Taking care of things that come up can potentially save you money as long as you know what you’re doing. However, if you aren’t skilled at some of the bigger home repairs that come up, it may be more cost-effective to hire a pro to handle the job. Here are a few times when you should consider calling in a professional for your home repairs.

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Electrical Work

Unless you’re a licensed electrician, electrical work should never be handled on your own. Because you’re dealing with wires and voltage, you shouldn’t go poking around in your walls or with your fuse box unless you’re a skilled professional. Next time you have an electrical issue in your home, do yourself a favor and hire a licensed electrician.


Foundation Work

Your home’s foundation is vital to its overall structural integrity. If you notice it crumbling, sagging, or cracking, you shouldn’t attempt to fix it on your own or you could risk making it worse. Instead, you should work with a professional foundation contractor. They can help you repair any damage to your home and keep secure.

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When It’s Time To Throw In The Towel (And Call A Professional Plumber)

I think we’ve all done it. We’ve all gotten part-way through a home improvement project that has NOT gone as we wanted it to go and said…well, NOW who do I call? Maybe a plumber? It’s definitely happened to us…more times than I would like to admit! Ha!

Did you know that one in three homeowners regret their DIY home-improvement tasks, according to a report by Zillow? A type of home repair you might be tempted to do yourself is plumbing, especially if the problem appears to be easy to fix, such as a faulty pipe. However, how do you know that you’ll be able to do it without causing greater problems?

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A common mistake people make is thinking that their home problems are easy to fix, and if they encounter problems their insurance will cover the damage. Take it from my husband, who makes a living working in homeowner’s insurance, this is not necessarily true! If something goes wrong, you might be denied your homeowner insurance claim, such as if you cause water damage to your home because of your mistakes. So, with that in mind, it’s important to know where to draw the line between DIY and calling in the plumbing pros. 


Plumbing repairs you can do yourself 

Not every plumbing job is off-limits to you as a homeowner. It can be empowering to be able to fix faulty plumbing, and there are many examples of routine plumbing maintenance and small repairs you can do with ease.

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Can You Remove Black Mold Yourself? – A Guest Post!

Last year, we thought we had a BIG problem. We started noticing a lot of discoloration in the grout of our Master Bathroom’s large step-down shower. I’m a worst-case scenario kinda girl, and it took no time at all for me to have visions of all the nasty things that could be growing behind that tile! Before I knew it, I was certain the entire house would be condemned!

Thankfully, all we ended up having to do was have our shower re-grouted, and there was nothing monster-ish found. WHEW! But we learned a lot in the process!

So when Naveed Latif contacted me with a post about black mold, I thought it was quite important – we all need to know what to look out for in order to best protect our family, right? Here’s what she had to say, from a basement perspective! (But really, this goes for any damp area in your home!)


When your basement gets damp, conditions are ideal for the growth of dangerous black mold.  You may be tempted to try to remove the mold yourself, but is that really a good idea?  Black mold is very toxic, and its presence can pose serious health and safety risks to your home and your family.  Left alone, it can cause major problems very quickly.  The question here isn’t “CAN you remove the mold yourself”, it’s “SHOULD you remove the mold yourself”.  Yes, you can remove black mold yourself.  Should you? That depends on whether you are willing to take the necessary safety precautions to do it safely.

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