A Little Update…

It’s a sad and dreary day here in Central Florida (it hasn’t stopped raining yet!), but, since I’ve had so many questions on the topic of late, I wanted to share a little preggo update with everyone! 

First off…


Yes, we are having TWO GIRLS! I think we’re still at the 50% thrilled 50% terrified levels, but we’re getting used to the idea!

We actually found out early when we went in for a routine ultrasound (I get LOTS of those since we’re having twins) and they asked us if we wanted to know the sexes of the babies. Without hesitation, my sweet husband gave a resounding YES, and I thought, well, there goes our gender reveal party! He was so excited to find out, I couldn’t say no!

Oh, and don’t let his face in the pic above fool you – girls are EXACTLY what he wanted. Something about how much girls always make over their daddies…crazy man. 

So here are the most common questions I’m getting these days:

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The Biggest Announcement Yet!

Well, y’all, over the past few years this blog has seen it’s share of special announcements, but I must say, the one I have for you today tops them ALL.

Can you guess what it is?!

Let’s just say The Road to Domestication is about to get even busier, because…

I’m pregnant!


Oh yes, and I’m pregnant WITH TWINS!

(Told you it was big!)

We’ve been getting tons of questions since we made the official announcement, so I’m hoping I can address all of those questions in this lil’ blog post!

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