The Portrayal of Pictures

I’ve received so many nice comments from my readers about the pictures I use here on the blog. Now, let me set the record straight and tell you that SOME of those pics are NOT mine. (However, when I use a picture that belongs to someone else, I always make sure I give them proper credit! I would want the same done for me!)

And the reason why I’m so particular about that is that I run a photography business on the side…or in my free time…errr…what’s free time, again? So this taking pictures for the blog thing is a little bit new to me. I’m kind of surprised that people actually like the pictures I take of my home, and food, and projects and what have you, because it’s a bit out of my element. However, I am ALWAYS a work in progress, that’s for sure!

So today, I just wanted to share a few of the kinds of pictures that I normally take with you all. I hope you enjoy! (And in case you want to check out THAT website, CLICK HERE! The name of my business is Portray Photography & OS.)


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Proven on Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? Granted, if you’re brand new to the site, it definitely can be a bit overwhelming – but stick with it! I’ve found it to be a wonderful resource!

That is, until one of your “Pinterest Projects” fails miserably.


No, these photos aren’t mine personally, but I can definitely relate! Has anything like this ever happened in YOUR kitchen? Yeah. I’ve been there, trust me. If you want to feel better about having been there yourself, check out the slideshow I found: Pinterest Food Fails: 23 Shining Examples. You’ll feel MUCH better about things, I promise. You’re welcome.

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