The Fall Curb Appeal Guide – I’m Featured!

As I mentioned on my Five For Fall post last week (CLICK HERE TO READ IT IF YOU MISSED IT!) a lovely online magazine courtesy of Monkey Bar Storage filled with tons of ideas for your home this Fall was on it’s way! And now, it’s here! I’m so please that I was able to be a part of the Fall Curb Appeal Guide by showcasing our front porch all decorated for Fall! 

Do check it out and let me know what you think! Always a pleasure to work with the folks at Monkey Bar Storage – they have some fantastic ideas!


Here’s a few more pics of the Fall decor on our porch. Enjoy!

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The Top 10 Easy and Low-Cost Add-Ons for a Perfect Patio! – A Guest Post!

First of all, do you remember the NestFresh Eggs Giveaway we had going on earlier this week? Well, we have a winner!

Kelly Whaley! Kelly, you are the winner of the NestFresh Eggs Giveaway! Please shoot me an email at and we’ll get you all set up! Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who entered!

And now, for today’s post!

I know, I know. If you’re looking out the window and you’re seeing WHITE, then I’m sorry for this post. Well, half-way sorry. I mean, now is the perfect time to be dreaming about a beautiful patio, right?! You’ve got plenty of time to plan!

So when Trang Lam from Window City approached me with the idea for this guest post, I was really liking it! (Also, if you’ve been reading the blog here for any length of time, you’ll know that I have a patio that I have some big plans for, so that made me extra excited about this post!) So, without further ado, let’s check out the ideas Trang has for us – this is good stuff, let me tell you!

Summer might be a few months away, but that won’t stop us from enjoying our gardens and patios to the fullest…as soon as the snow is gone! If you are a dedicated home lover just like us, you would still want to enhance the look of your outdoor area every single day. Here are 10 easy projects you can add to your beautiful patios with friendly budget!

1. Backyard Teepee


This conical tent traditionally used by nomadic tribes or hunters can be an exquisite wild life accent to your patio. An extra play room, a shelter from the hot summer days, cosy reading corner or a romantic retreat – there are so many uses for a teepee that can make the whole family happy.

Ashley and Jamin from The Handmade Home shared their tips on building this exotic No-Sew Teepee. Not only is it  super easy to make but it’s also extremely cheap. $7 for a unique useful patio feature – why not?

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Backyard Dreamin’

We literally have a blank canvas for a backyard right now, which is pretty exciting! But also very…confusing. What to do, what to do?

Our house is on a corner lot, so I think we have a bit more space than others around us in the subdivision, and there’s nothing in the backyard at all…but it’s also not fenced in. Making our two biggest outside projects on “The Master House To-Do List” fencing in the back yard and pressure washing/re-painting the house. And once the fence is up, anything goes! So I’ve been doing a little dreaming. Tell me what ya think of my jumbled ideas!

Let me add that we already have a screened-in back patio that we LOVE. We also have a brick patio off the screened-in patio that will turn into more of an entertainment area (fire pit, etc.). That’s why you won’t see those kinds of ideas in this entry!

On Gardening…

I’m not the best gardener, that’s for sure, but I love the “idea” of gardening. (I know, that doesn’t help much, does it?) But I’d really like to try to make a concentrated effort at least once more before I give up completely, ya know?

Herb garden in sunken pots: I would love to use more fresh herbs in my cooking than dried and bottled, but this is lots of work!


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