Personality Planting – How to Create a Uniquely Stylish Garden

Our current house has a lovely little plot nicely picket-fenced-in and ready for gardening! While I haven’t gotten the chance to plant in it yet, I have lots of ideas for it! 

Of course, our entire fenced-in property is almost an acre, with more land outside of the fence, so if I wanted to turn more than just the small patch into a garden, I really could! The possibilities are endless, but I know I want to design the space to best if our family.

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After all, as with everything the design of your garden should evoke both personality and practicality. Whether you have a small inner city outdoor area or a large suburban backyard, a unique garden design will add warmth, value, and enjoyment to your home. So, where do you start with revitalising your outdoor spaces?


When deciding what to do with the space you have, keep your design practical. If you have small children like me then you probably don’t want to clutter the only space there is for a lawn – they have to be able to play somewhere! Many contemporary designs aim for a minimalist feel that accentuates a sense of space. This can be particularly effective for people living in the inner city with very limited garden space, however sweeping lawns and minimalist design elements can look good in larger spaces as well.

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The Best Way to Keep Your Landscape Fresh!

We’ve been working on the landscaping around our home for about a month or so. What on earth possessed us to work on LANDSCAPING in FLORIDA in the middle of the SCORCHING HEAT is beyond me…but once we started, it was kind of addicting…so we just kept it up!

Now, like most any woman, I guess, I do love my annuals! Something pastel for spring, a nice bright color for summer, oranges for fall and reds for Christmas! I like all kinds!

I’m all the time changing them out in the window boxes and pots on our front porch, but I wasn’t sure how to best incorporate them into our permanent landscaping. The pots were just so easy! The pots were just so easy. Hmmm…

We went ahead and planted Confederate Jasmine in our front beds for some ground cover, and, while it’s pretty, I needed some more color!

So, here’s what I did: I planted. I planted pots.

How does one plant a pot, you ask?

Like this:


Right into the ground! (Even the frogs liked it!) Oh, and please excuse all the mud and glare: it’s done nothing but pour down rain for weeks around here!

So when you’re ready to switch things up a bit, it’s as easy as…

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