On the Road in February

Every time I do one of these posts I have a hard time believing it’s already the next month. So today is no exception. WOW. It’s MARCH of 2014. Can you believe that?

Something that really makes me happy is the fact that I’ve had a few guest posts in the past month, and they’ve all gone over very well – well enough to have a couple of them listed here in the top five posts for the month! Lots of folks refuse to even read a guest post when they see that it IS a guest post, and I’m so thankful that this audience is not like this, and that you’ve enjoyed the guest posts as much as I have!

So, without further ado, here are the top five posts of February!

1. NestFresh Eggs Giveaway – Of course, this giveaway is over now, but this is a fantastic brand, and I was thrilled to participate in this one! And just because the giveaway is over doesn’t mean you can’t still find NestFresh in your local groceries store!


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New Product Tryouts: Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie Dough

All of the regular readers here know that I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease when I was 18 years old, and have lived gluten-free ever since. Back then, it was really pretty difficult to do gluten-free. Not many people knew what gluten even was, and lots of food-related things took twice as long, that’s for sure. As time has gone on, various companies have created products that make living gluten-free MUCH easier! For them I am thankful! And today, I want to share with you about a new item I tried: Pillsbury Gluten-Free Cookie Dough.


Yep, that’s what it looks like! You can find Pillsbury Gluten-Free Cookie Dough in the refrigerated section at your grocery store, right by the regular cookie doughs. They also have gluten-free pizza crust dough and gluten-free pie crust dough – imagine that!

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St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites

I never really was one to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, until I met my husband…who’s birthday is actually the same day! So now the whole family celebrates!

Last year I made him a birthday cake for his section at work – a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup birthday cake that took me about 6 hours to complete! Everyone loved it, and it DID look pretty cool, but I figured I’d ask if he wanted the same cake again or something different. When he saw a picture of these St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites, he was sold. “Yes, please!” he said. (By the way, if you’re looking for the recipe for that Reese’s Cake, you can find it on my Sweet Treats board on Pinterest!)

Like most things these days, I also found the recipe for his St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites on Pinterest. I saved them on my Lucky Duck Board – here’s the actual link: St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites. They’re supposed to look like this:


Cute, huh?

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