New Product Review: Canvas on the Cheap!

I LOVE photos. I mean, I guess that really comes with the territory. (Y’all know I run a photography business, right?) Anyways, as much as I love photos, and even though our family has several photo shoots done throughout the year, and as many photos as I myself take of our family…I’m AWFUL about creating a canvas out of photos, or even simply printing photos. I’m not sure why! I just never seem to get around to DOING it!

So when we moved in into our current home (and it’s been over a year now – MERCY. Time flies!) I decided that I really wanted to take the time to have some canvases made of family photos and use them as artwork around our house. But I honestly wasn’t sure which company I wanted to go with. It seems like there’s a quite a few out there now, all promising the best deal and the best quality. How do you choose? It’s tough even for a photographer, I’m here to say!

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As luck would have it, I received a nice email from Emily at Canvas on the Cheap, asking if I would like to receive and review one of their canvases. Well, goodness, what perfect timing! I knew exactly which photo I wanted to use, so I was ready to go!

Canvas on the Cheap’s site was super easy to use, which is always helpful when you’re dealing with photo uploads and sizings! I loved that I had the option of adding a gallery wrap or a frame, but I didn’t end up doing either, because I wanted to see what the standard product turned out like. They also offered the option of adding a back dust cover or a wall hanger, which I also thought were super convenient.

It was nice to be able to pay via credit card or PayPal, and I even found out that they do standard shipping for FREE during the holidays! Hello! What a great gift idea! (Or for FATHER’S DAY…hint hint!)

In no time at all, my canvas had arrived. It was wrapped securely, and I pulled it out of it’s packaging with nary a scratch – PERFECT! Check it out!


Aren’t we CUTE?! (HA! Just kidding…I mean, the GIRLS are definitely cute, I won’t argue with you on that one! HA!)

This is a 16X20 canvas, and folks, it is PERFECT. And I’m NOT just saying that. It’s like a real live person took the utmost care in putting this thing together – not a staple is out of line nor an overlap crooked. It’s shockingly exact.

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