How Can You Control Pests Naturally?

Living out in “the country” as we do, we’ve run into a great many more “pests” than we ever encountered in our previous cookie-cutter neighborhood. We expected this, of course. But we’ve had to be creative about how we control pests in our area. First and foremost, because safety is a big deal to us. We have pets and kids and we grow things that we eat, so we don’t just want to be destroying our property in order to keep the pests out.

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How does it feel having pests or rodents roaming around your home? It’s not a great feeling! Some pests such as termites can cause material damage while others such as wasps can be a matter of life and death when they bite you (if you have a child who is allergic as we do).

There are many ways of controlling pests depending on the extent of infestation. The use of chemicals can come with negative effects, but the good news is that you can still use various natural approaches to control pests. Let’s explore some of the best natural approaches for pest control as we learn from pest control experts from Flanders (New Jersey):

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Tips for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home

A few months ago, I walked into our garage to grab some bottled water from our extra fridge, and *something* darted across my path. Naturally, since I didn’t actually SEE what that *something* was, I screamed and ran back inside the house. Hubby to the rescue! And what he discovered was a tiny little itty bitty mouse. UGH. A mouse!!! Apparently, each time the field in front of our home is mowed, the mice migrate to our garage. NOPE.

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One of the greatest worries you can have as a homeowner is a rodent invasion. The unfortunate discovery of rat or mouse droppings when you move a box in your pantry can be both disturbing and unsanitary. There are numerous problems caused when rodents make their way into your home. Issues caused by these vermin range from structural damage to health problems. 

These reasons make it imperative to take proper measures to ensure that rodents do not enter your home in the first place. Following a few basic guidelines can stop rodents from entering into your home and wreaking havoc. Implementing these rules into your rat or rodent prevention strategies will yield great results. 

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How Do You Get Rid of a Spider Infestation?

Many people are scared of spiders and don’t react well to seeing larger than average ones, especially in their own homes. But, spiders are actually beneficial to a point as they eliminate flies, mosquitoes, and other insects.

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However, if you’re uncomfortable with spiders or find that there is an abundance of them in your home, you need to know how to get rid of a spider infestation.

Get Help

The best advice is to get professional help. Find out more here about Manchester experts in spiders and controlling them.

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How Effective is Heat Treatment for Bedbugs?

My hubby came home from work the other day with some news.

“You’ll never believe this,” he said, speaking of his almost-4,000-person office building. 

“What?” I asked, almost absent-mindedly.

“Bedbugs!” he exclaimed.


I was no longer absent-minded. “BEDBUGS?! Where?!”

“At work!” he laughed.

“At WORK?! How in the world?!”

Apparently a co-worker on a different floor had brought in a blanket from home because she was cold. And apparently her home was infested with bed bugs. And now…they were spreading throughout the office building.

My skin was immediately crawling. “Do you feel itchy?!” I demanded. “Let me look at your head! Don’t you bring those nasty things home!!!”

I think the crisis has passed at his office building, but it certainly made me do a bit of research, especially due to the fact of all the “super strains” that are out there these days.

I mean, just when we thought we’d gotten rid of extensive bedbug problems, they come back with a resistance to common insecticides and chemicals used to treat them. Bedbugs are parasitic, meaning that they feed on human blood, and they can be extremely hard to get rid of once your home is infested. Mattresses, box springs, carpets, furniture and baseboards are all prime hotspots for bedbug infestation, and these little pests can hide in areas as small as nail cracks in the wall. Most bedbug infestations will be within a couple of meters of their human meal host, which is why they’re most commonly found in beds and bedrooms.

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