How to Live Off the Grid

Do you ever take a bit to just do some imagining about your dream  house? We’ve been doing a little of that here lately. I’m not sure why more so than usual – maybe it has something to do with the babies on the way. And a few neat projects we’ve come across that just aren’t too possible in a neighborhood such as ours. (HOA and all.)

Both my hubby and I grew up in the country – wide open spaces and no “rules” on what you could do around your home or property. I think we’re just prepping ourselves to move back to those roots, and, while I wouldn’t consider our dream home or property to be “off the grid”, I do want to have things such as solar panels to help with energy costs! 

Could You Live Off the Grid Promo Square

So when Zacharry from Cast Iron Radiators 4 U contacted me with an infographic on how to live off the grid, I got a ton of great ideas from it! Here’s hoping you will, too! (For my United States readers, the monetary amounts are listed in European form, but you can still get the general idea!)

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