The Benefits of Nut Butter

We’re big fans of peanut butter at our house. If it can be peanut butter flavored, we’ve got it! But we also have almond butter and even some pecan butter on hand, as well. I especially love fruit (apples and bananas) along with a bit of nut butter! 

nuts-about-vitamix cut down

But I never really thought too much about the benefits that nuts and butter made from nuts offers! I mean, I knew there was lots of protein and some good fats in there, but that’s about it.

Nut butters are becoming a new staple in grocery stores aisles across the world. Even in Asia, almond butter fans can easily find 100% almond nut butter brands such as Eatnuf Singapore on the shelves. They stock seriously delicious almond and cashew nut butters with no added salt or sugar. We can expect more variations of nut butters as consumers seek out different health benefits and flavors from their favorite breakfast spreads.

So when Kaylee from Ghergich & Co. contacted me about an infographic along these lines, I was intrigued! Check this out…

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