Must-Have Nursery Items for a Fall Baby

My sweet cousin is getting ready to have her first baby. Not only am I super excited for the baby, but I also love that fall is one of the best times of the year to welcome your new bundle of joy into the world! The weather is not too hot, and in some cases not too cold (if it’s not snowing yet). But the best part of having a fall baby is that you get to kick off the holiday season with your new addition — starting with Halloween. The thought of shopping for your little one’s first Halloween costume can be so exciting. While adding a Halloween costume to the nursery closet is a must, here’s a list of some items that your fall baby needs for the changing weather. 

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Swaddle blankets

Because the temperature only drops at night, using a really cozy swaddle blanket for day naps is more than enough. Baby Tula baby blankets are made with 100% viscose from bamboo, making them cozy but also breathable. The pulp from the bamboo also makes these blankets plump with softness. Make sure you have plenty of swaddle blankets to provide the most comfort and warmth for your baby so you don’t have to worry about layering them with a ton of clothing. 

Wipe warmer

For those changes in the middle of the night, your baby is going to love the fact that their wipes aren’t freezing cold from being taken straight out of the package. There’s nothing worse than a cold touch after being snuggled up. Keep the crying to a minimum and remember to keep the warmer stocked up and plugged in. It’s also a lot quieter too when pulling a wipe from this device instead of from a crinkling package. 

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Room for Two: How to Decorate a Bedroom for Twins!

So our twins will be here sometime in mid-August, and right now our main project is getting their room ready. Almost time to decorate! Until now the room has been used pretty much as a “project” room – it morphs into whatever is needed at the time. And a lot of that has been storage – so you can imagine the fun I’m having cleaning it up! 

But soon, I’ll be able to actually jump into some decorating, which is the fun part! So when Marie Nieves contacted me to see if I wanted to publish her post about decorating a bedroom for twins…well, yes, of course! She’s got some great ideas here – check it out!

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When you are expecting a baby, you want to prepare everything for its arrival, including decorating its room perfectly. What happens when you are expecting two babies, though? Well, it is twice as exciting because you are getting double bundles of joy. Decorating a nursery for twins will require a lot of imagination and inventiveness. You will have to create a balanced design while keeping in mind that your children are different and that they will grow up to have different interests and preferences, so include a certain dose of individuality. Easier said than done right? Read on to get some clarity on the matter.

Define Territories with Paint

When we are talking about a bedroom for twins, defining each twin’s territory (no matter if it is a boy-boy, boy-girl or a girl-girl) is essential. As your kids are getting a little older they will want to know which side of the room is theirs. That might sound like a silly thing to us, but kids feel important when they know that something is just for them. Painting two adjacent walls in different colors is the best way to set a boundary. Just make sure that the two colors pair nicely. For instance, if you are expecting a boy and a girl, think about Pantone’s twin colors of the year (how symbolic) Rose Quartz and Serenity. For two boys, consider medium brown and medium blue, etc.

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