NuNaturals Product Review & GIVEAWAY!

**PLEASE NOTE: While NuNaturals DID provide me with these products to review at no cost, I was not in any way paid for my review. The following opinion is hereby my own.**

When Ron from NuNaturals contacted me last month and asked if I wanted to test a few of the company’s new products, I was glad to do it! I had heard good things about NuNaturals, and was eager to see if the products lived up to their reputation!

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If you ask me, most of us eat too much sugar. Would you agree? Did you know that Americans consume 130 pounds of sugar every year? Our 1822 predecessors ate under 10 pounds of sugar a year. 130 pounds a year means about three pounds a week. That equals about 3,550 pounds in an average lifetime—approaching two tons of sugar.

NuNaturals is out to change all of that!

NuNaturals is based in Oregon, and has been around for 25 years! Their products are all-natural, free of MSG, soy, milk, sugar, synthetics, artificial colors or flavors, saccharin, aspartame, sucralose and artificial sweeteners. While their flagship brand is Nustevia, a natural sweetener, the company also offers a variety of other products, including but not limited to green teas, gourmet vanilla extracts, and even pure ground cinnamon!

I must say, when the box arrived, I was a tad bit overwhelmed! Why? Because here’s what Ron sent me:

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