6 Things Every New Mom Needs

Whether you’re getting ready for your new bundle of joy or you have someone in your life who just had their first baby, there are a few items that every new mom needs to help her through those first few months after giving birth. Doing what you can to truly enjoy motherhood will work wonders for helping you to relax and soak up every minute that you have with your sweet babe, so make sure you have all the right supplies on hand to make it happen!

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A Good Baby Carrier

A well-made, high-quality baby carrier is an absolute must for any new mom. Whether you’re constantly heading out on hiking adventures with your little family or you just need a way to keep your little one close by, a baby carrier is something that will definitely serve you well. Do your research and see which carrier would work best for you! It’s important that you find something that will work for your baby, but you also want something that will be comfortable for you to wear.

A Video Baby Monitor

Having the ability to keep an eye on your baby while they’re sleeping will provide more peace of mind than you could possibly know. You want to know that your little one is content and safe when they’re away from you, even if that means that they’re only a few steps away. A video monitor gives you the ability to continually check in on them and make sure they’re ok without risking waking them up without going into their room.

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10 + Practical and Stylish Gift Ideas For the New Mother’s Home

I guess it’s just the season of life that I’m in, but right now I have multiple close friends who are expecting a baby soon! One of my closest friends is actually being induced THIS Saturday! EEEKKK!!! The number of baby showers I’ve been to of late is staggering, and I’ve got invites right in front of me for even more. While checking a momma-to-be’s registry is always a good idea, sometimes I like to come up with a few of my own gift ideas. (One of my favorite “personalized” things to do these days is create wallpaper or stickers for her with one of her photos!) But I feel like I’ve been running out of original inspiration lately!

So when Anna from AnnaVasily.com.au asked me if she could share some ideas with me (and all of you) I thought it was just perfect timing! Take a few minutes ands her suggestions below!

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How exciting it is to expect a new member in your family! However, no one is more thrilled than the future mom. She has the greatest joy of keeping the baby close to her heart and the greatest responsibility to protect both the child and herself. Show her how meaningful she is with a thoughtful present. Here are some ideas for both decorative and baby related items that will make her feel special and appreciated when she’s at home.

Get inspired by the following ideas!

Family photo frame

Since the family is growing, she`ll need to create more space for placing new memories at home. A frame for multiple photos is a perfect way to prepare for the new family experiences.


Price range: $4 – $10

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