Netflix & Chill (for REAL) with Adore Me!

I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies. Honestly, I can’t. What I remember is that the last time we DID go, we spent almost $50 on tickets and snacks. FOR TWO PEOPLE! I mean, really! That’s CRAZY!

Although I love a night out on the town as much as the next gal, you know what I really enjoy these days? A nice quiet night at home with my husband. Now, that may be because, between work and twin 6-month-old girls, plus trying to run the household and have some recreational time, too, well, there’s not a lot of time for quiet nights at home! Given the choice of getting a sitter and going out to dinner and a movie, or just staying in with some takeout, snuggly babies and our faithful Netflix account, I’ll take the latter!


In fact, I “pretend” like that’s what I get to do every night. And let me clarify: when we say “Netflix and chill” around our house, that’s just what we mean. Netflix and laying around the living room chilling out. No secret meanings here, y’all! 

As soon as I we get home after work, we’re big on changing into what we call “comfies”. No more work clothes. Give me a pair of yoga pants and a soft tank top and I’m all set for the rest of the evening. That’s one reason why I LOVE Adore Me.

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A Fireplace Comparison Guide

Well, hopefully wherever you are, you aren’t still having to use your fireplace! (If you ARE, I’m so very sorry…and I promise, Spring will be here soon!) But one of the things I would love to have had in our home when we purchased it was a fireplace. I know, I know, we live in Florida – what on earth do WE need a fireplace for?! Well, mark my words, one of these days, I’m getting my fireplace. If it’s added to this house or in another house we move to down the road…I’m getting one! Until then…I’ll continue to play the “Fireplace for Your Home” channel on Netflix. (Did you know there WAS such a thing?! It’s amazing!)

Nevertheless, there’s nothing quite like a REAL fireplace. And I love almost any kind…so I wasn’t sure exactly which kind I’d like to have in the future. What are the benefits to each “model”? Should we have one over the other for our area? What’s the easiest to clean? The easiest to fuel? Which is the most comforting to sit in front of in a cozy chair?!


No joke, while I’m pondering these options, Matt from Northshore Fireplace contacts me and asks if I would be interested in sharing a Fireplace Comparison Guide here on the blog. WHAT?! Um, yes, please! Check out how this thing is broken down – masterful!

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