On Welcoming Newbies to the Neighborhood!

I had to laugh. I got our mail the other day and I pulled this out:


It’s a little packet of sorts from P&G – a kind of “welcome to the neighborhood.”

I laughed because we’ve lived in the neighborhood for over a year now!

Nevertheless, it was full of fun goodies!


I mean, you can’t beat that, right?!

It got me thinking about when we first moved to the neighborhood. We didn’t know anyone, so we did something a little unconventional. Well, my husband would say that I did something a little unconventional, because HE thought I was crazy! HA!

I baked cookies and took them to the neighbors.

I know, it sounds silly, because the neighbors are supposed to do that kind of thing for NEW people who move into the “hood”, not the other way around, right? Well, I’ve never been totally conventional.

It was a big hit! If you want to see more about that, check out this blog post I did on it: Hello, New Neighbors!  (Oh yeah, this blog post is complete with free printable tags and everything!)

And can I just say that we have awesome relationships with all of our neighbors now? We really do! In fact, it’s not uncommon for it to take me 30 minutes to go check the mail, or my hubby 30 minutes to take the trash out, because we’ve run into a neighbor who wants to stop and chat! And hey, if you’ve gotta live by them, you might as well be friends with them!

Now we’re not the newbies anymore, and I am totally the “Hi, I’m Kristen, and I baked you this pie! Welcome to the neighborhood!” type! I’ve gotta admit, I don’t want any of our neighbors to move, but if they do, I’m gonna be all over it when the new ones arrive!

What about you? Do you have neighbors? How do you keep a good relationship with them?

Hello, New Neighbors!

Sometimes I really think I was born in the wrong time period. I would be totally comfy as one of those fabulous 1950’s housewives, I really would! But then I start thinking and I realize I would probably miss all my technology. And I certainly wouldn’t be able to have this blog!

Things that made me think this way: new neighbors. We had met three of our new neighbors, and had waved to several others, but that was about it. We were pretty close to our neighbors at our other place, and we’re the type of people who just like to know our neighbors. We figure, if you’ve got to leave near people, you might as well have a good relationship with them, right?

Yes, I am TOTALLY the woman who is going to bake you a pie and introduce herself to you when you move into the neighborhood. (I’m actually planning on that right now, as there are new folks moving in catty-cornered from us now.) But I wasn’t sure if it would work the other way around or not.

“Hi, we’re the people who just moved in. Nice to meet you. Please have some cookies on us.”

So I went on Pinterest. (Surprise surprise, right?)

And I found these cool “Hello New Neighbor” tags that were pinned from Embellish. I thought they would work – what do you think?


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