Warm Up With This Cool Treat

The other day, I popped into Whole Foods to grab a few things. When I hit the cash register, I was momentarily distracted by this:


What on earth IS that, I wondered? Turns out it’s Mochi – a Japanese ice cream! As you can see, the treat is a colorful sphere made up of sweetened rice dough called mochi with a center of premium ice cream—it comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from classic vanilla bean to ripe strawberry to unique green tea. I mean, how fun! I had no idea this stuff even existed!  

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Now, it may seem strange to suggest warming up with mochi ice cream, but there is no reason that you should have to eat it cold. If you like getting a little creative with your food, you can enjoy your cool dessert with a temperature twist. Here are three great ideas for mochi ice cream desserts for those times when you want to do more than eat the treat straight out of the box.  

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