Tips to DIY Marble Care

As I was scrubbing down our tile shower in our Master Bathroom a couple days ago, I found myself daydreaming about a marble shower for just a moment. Think of how lovely it would look! Think of how much easier it would be to clean!

But then, I wasn’t so sure. After all, there is NO marble in our home whatsoever. Even though I love the look of it, I had to admit to myself that, even if I had some of it installed…I still wouldn’t know how to clean and care for it!

Enter Owen Franklin from TheMarbleCleaner, asking me if I’d like to publish his article detailing DIY tips for caring for marble! Excellent timing, Owen! Let’s see what ideas he has for us, shall we?

For many, marble is seen as one of the most beautiful home accents you can add to your home. Not only will it brighten a room like no other stone, it will also add value to your home that does not degrade with time. However, many homeowners choose not to use marble because without the right tips and training marble can be very difficult to keep clean and looking new. But do not worry; this article will give you some awesome tips to clean and maintain your marble surfaces, and how to do it with supplies you already have around the house!

Clyde Hill Modern Farm House

Keep your marble looking new!  

The most important thing a marble owner can do is to be diligent and always clean their surfaces after use. As the Marble Institute of America says, “If a homeowner cleans their countertops after each meal, they will rarely, if ever, have staining or clean-ability issues.”

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Natural Stone Countertop Cleaning Tips…and Some Helpful Hacks! – A Guest Post!

One of the items to do on our never-ending list of home improvements is to remodel the kitchen. I LOVE my kitchen as far as openness and space is concerned, but our house is 14 years old, and the cabinets and counter tops are the original builder’s grade. They’ve taken a beating. There are several places where the cabinets are splitting, and several spots on the counter tops that will just have to stay deformed until we redo everything!

I’ve been building an idea book over on Houzz (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT) full of different kitchens that have little touches I’m interested in, and of course, counter tops are a big deal!

So when Pheeby from Shiny Carpets Shacklewell contacted me to see if I would be interested in a post about cleaning natural stone counter tops, I was all about it! AND she’s gonna share some hacks! Let’s check it out!

Natural stone counter top is an investment which deserves to be made. It can make your bathroom and kitchen look exquisite, elegant and stylish. To keep your natural stone counter top in good condition, here are some cleaning tips and helpful hacks you can use. They will help you maintain your counter tops for a long time to come.


Natural stone counter tops need the same cleaning procedures that fine wooden furniture needs. Don’t spill drinks on them, because most drinks are abrasive and will damage your counter tops. If you make any spill on your natural stone counter top, clean it immediately. Soda, alcohol, juice, ketchup, vinegar, mustard, perfume, rock salt, shampoos and most chemicals have abrasive ingredients in them, which can damage the surface of your counter tops, creating scratches and stains. All abrasive products and liquids, which contain acid or alkali, will damage your natural stone counter tops.

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