New Product Tryouts: Kitchen Cabinet Mount

We are big time Apple/Mac fans at our house. We both have iPhones, I have an iPad, my hubby has an iPad Mini and I’m typing this blog post on our MacBook.

As an iPad owner, there are not many places I go that I don’t have my iPad along for the ride – kitchen included. In fact, these days, if you’re like me, you get lots of your recipe ideas off the web, right? I cook with my iPad in the kitchen almost every day…and sometimes that’s tricky. I mean, I don’t want to mess it up!

So I’ve found the answer:


See that? That’s a kitchen cabinet mount for my iPad!

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Favorite iPhone Apps for Organization

Yes, I’m an iPhone user. I’ve been using Mac products for about 8 years now, and I LOVE all of them – the iPhone is no exception.

I’m also a little anal when it comes to organizing, so, as you can imagine, I have a few apps on my iPhone for organizational assistance! Allow me to share them with you!

1. Allrecipes DinnerSpinner: This is fantastic for meal inspiration, or for a great recipe when you only have certain ingredients available in your kitchen. You can save your favorites, search for specific meals and even create a list of ingredients to grab from the store. Plus, they always feature recipes, if you’re not feeling very creative. It’s FREE!

AR1     AR2

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