On Bulbs & Brightness

The other day, I stepped into our master bedroom walk-in closet, flipping the light on behind me. 

Except nothing happened. 

I backed up and flipped the switch off and then back on again, eyes uplifted, watching the light fixture. Still nothing.

“Babe!” I called. “I think the bulb is out in the closet!”

My knight in shorts and a t-shirt arrived with the stepladder and some light bulbs, and proceeded to flip out the old for new.

When he was finished, he nodded at me, and I flipped the switch again. 


conceptual digital light bulb

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “That’s really bright! What kind of bulbs are those that you just put in?!”

“Just the regular kind,” he explained. “But now they’re both working.”

I stopped and looked at him. “Oh. I didn’t know there were two in there.”

“Yep, the first one blew a while ago. The light since then was just from the one bulb.”

I stopped and studied the fixture, squinting. “How long has it just been the one bulb up there?”

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