Why are you holding on to all that JUNK?

I recently saw an article in Ladies’ Home Journal called “The Clutter Problem”. Obviously it jumped off the page at me, because I really despise clutter.

This is how much I despise clutter: if I sit down on the couch in the evening and I see something that needs to be put away or dealt with, I’m literally right back up. That means that oftentimes, my husband literally has to beg me to come sit down with him on the couch, not because I don’t want to, but because clutter is THAT distracting to me! That’s just how my brain works – if it sees something needing doing, it must DO!

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Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

You’ve heard it in general conversations, and you’ve probably even uttered the words yourself: “There’s a lot of junk going around!”

**SIGH** When is there NOT a lot of junk going around?

I caught the dreaded flu right before Christmas, and I was purely miserable. It took me about a month to feel like myself after that – crazy how some things can just take you down! Then, soon after the new year, my allergies started up! (If you have allergies, yours probably starting kicking early, too – crazy weather!)

I’m JUST now starting to feel more like myself after the allergy fun, and now I’m hearing about this awful stomach bug floating around that keeps you sick for days on end. Oh dear. If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s throwing up.

Since I have an autoimmune disease myself (read more about Celiac Disease HERE) I really do try hard to stay healthy! Because when I catch something, it takes me longer to rid my body of it than it does the average person. That’s why when I came across an article in the Ladies Home Journal about the secrets of a healthy immune system, I read it right off the bat. Great tips, so I thought I’d share with you!

Woman Sleeping

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